Cottage Country Locals

Muskoka-Parry Sounders love the boxes because they get a chance to try new products that are made in their hometowns.


Own a Cottage in Muskoka-Parry Sound…miss it when you’re back in the city? Get the cottage fix you need year round at your doorstep!


Visitors to Canadian Cottage Country are going wild for Live.Love.Lake boxes because they get to take home a whole lot of of Muskoka life with them, for a great price!

Each box contains at least 1 item from each of our signature categories: beauty, clothing, accessories, home, culinary and nature.All products featured in Live.Love.Lake gift boxes are always 100% Canadian owned and operated business and locally sourced items.You are guaranteed AT LEAST 6 amazing items!

You will open your box and get the cottage feels for sure.

Absolutely! Just fill out your friends address when you go through the shipping portion of the ordering process. By the way, we think you’re a great friend for getting this!!!!!!

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Experience Cottage Life In A Box