In Support of SickKids

Why SickKids?

Live Love Lake is a Mother-Daughter Business.  We have been touched personally and professionally by the great work that SickKids is doing. As a local labour and delivery nurse, Lori works closely with the team from SickKids when newborns require specialized care. As a chid, Rachel was hospitalized in a small, rural hospital and even though we didn’t end up going to SickKids it was a great comfort knowing that if our hospital wasn’t able to take care of her, that there was a team of specialists at a world-class facility that could! 

The Hospital for Sick Children In Toronto is a World Leading Facility that provides care to children from all over the world.

As residents of a small, rural, northern Ontario town (Parry Sound) we know first hand the importance of having this centre to send local children to in need of specialized surgery, cancer treatments, and specialist care.

Join us in the biggest fight of children’s lives! 

100% of Live Love Lake Profits go to support SickKids.

Thank you for your support